I came to Birthright when I was 18. I was a college freshman and home for Christmas break. Only a few of
my friends back at school knew I was pregnant. I hadn’t even told my old boyfriend. I guess I got pregnant
around Graduation, but we had broken up. My periods were always irregular and I was so excited to go
away to school so I never thought I was pregnant.

I finally realized what was happening when I felt the baby’s movement. I was trying To deny it mostly
because I was terrified to tell my parents. They thought I was perfect and I couldn’t disappoint them. I was
getting overwhelmed with fear about my parents, labor and how I couldn’t handle a baby. I broke down
two days before Christmas. My parents were disappointed but embraced me.

My mom knew about Birthright and we went and spoke with a counselor. We talked for two hours. We set
up a prenatal care plan. She helped my mom work through feelings of disappointment and me work on my
anxiety and embarrassment. We went back to Birthright for several counseling sessions and then I went to a
post-partum support group there. It was helpful to know I wasn’t the only one uncertain about parenting.

I had to switch schools, but my parents lovingly made a nursery for my baby boy at their home. I will start
student teaching next semester.

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