Everyone is equal in our eyes and welcome at Birthright including you. Women of all ages, with or without their partners, come to us with many questions about their unexpected pregnancy to think through some very big decisions. Birthright is a safe haven for women who are experiencing physical and emotional abuse and need much support working through their next steps. No matter your culture or languages, our volunteers will help you with translation services and even filling out paperwork due to language barriers.

We invite you to speak your heart and mind, without judgment. We are here to support you while you develop a new life plan. We will stay connected throughout your pregnancy and after. Birthright empowers you to take positive steps for your life in order to create a better future. We are here for you, every step of the way.

I need help with…

  • Pregnancy testing – Provided onsite at the Birthright house. Call ahead or just drop in.
  • Anxiety, despair, feeling down? Local counseling and mental health services are available.
  • Bedding,  clothing, diapers, and food: Many resources are available to help!
  • Crisis Intervention: A safe place for newborns and mothers.
  • Education about parenting: Local resources are available to support you.
  • Financial support: Food stamps and food banks.
  • Housing: Emergency and long term solutions.
  • Legal assistance: Agencies are available to assist.
  • Medical and dental care: referral services are available.
  • Multicultural, ethic assistance, and runaway support: Ask us about these services.
  • Support groups: Organizations for all different needs from breastfeeding to domestic violence.
  • Adoption: We refer to other organizations.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Ask about our local connections.

Call (360) 694-8156 or visit us at 214 E 17th St, Vancouver, WA 98663,  just east of Main Street in Downtown Vancouver.

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