Mental health in times of turmoil

Uncertainty has grown for many families, and we are in the most trying times – financially, socially, and mentally. Help is still available, and it’s time to explore new options to find what is needed for your family. Birthright is here to help too.

Do you feel like it’s hard to know exactly what you need right now? Are your needs growing and changing? Being alone can be difficult, but protecting your family is essential. How can we change in positive ways that will support us right where we are? We must expand our thinking and heart beyond our current limitations. We would like to hear your ideas about what’s working, what’s not, and we’ll share some ideas too

The more we know and understand, the better we will feel, and can support our children; they need us to be strong, so finding support for them too is critical. In this article, we are going to provide you with a variety of resources to bolster support services for you and your family.

We are all in this together

News sources for information and inspiration
What we watch and listen to on TV and radio can be a distraction, not offering us any real value for the time spent. While we all feel the need to escape from the reality of our financial and job uncertainty, which is quite overwhelming, we must press on together. This means finding support in every direction with sources that include our neighborhoods and community. Expanding our views beyond our immediate borders may be necessary too if you have family in other cities or states. Remember, others are struggling just like you – you are not alone. Together, let’s change the story we’ve created around Covid and isolation. It doesn’t have to be gloom and doom. Good things are happening as people are coming together in new ways – to determine the true value in their lives and the people who matter the most. We must change together!

Changing habits, the way we learn, and new ideas

Childhood education has been modified for Washington Schools. Clark County Schools began the school year with remote learning due to the mandate from the Washington State Department of Health. They have created some hybrid schedules with both remote learning and in-person school at this time. If you need help with internet access and technology tools, get in touch with the school in your district. Here are some links to the school districts, where you can find out geographic information if you are new to the area:
Battle Ground School District
Camas School District 
Evergreen School District
Ridgefield School District
Vancouver School District 
Washougal School District 

To learn the latest from the Washington State Superintendent’s Office regarding remote learning, read this document: Approved Online Classes, county by county

Local, Regional, National & Global News

Local radio station OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) 91.5 FM provides excellent coverage for the latest in science and leading information. They offer a wide variety of shows from what’s happening locally and news from around the globe. The reporters are meeting with numerous people from community leaders and people like you and me. Learn about the challenges others are facing and ideas for new solutions. On OPB, local musicians share their latest music reflecting their experiences and current events. Business owners, local advocates, and health care workers are featured for interviews. Connecting with excellent reporting and real people helps enlarge your world. How to cope at this time is the biggest question, and people are creative! These are real people, just like you and me, talking about how they are getting through these tough times. If you love to read, authors share excerpts from their latest stories, and you can be a part of solving puzzles with game show quizzes too.

KXRW 99.9 is a local radio station in Clark County, which is for the community and about the community. There are a variety of interesting music programs and talk shows you can check out.

Individual Education, Entertainment & Personal Growth

Your Local Library

The Fort Vancouver Regional libraries offer 24-hour online access to thousands of e-books, audiobooks, movies and research materials. If you want to go in person, but you’re not sure which library is closest too, check out the locations map

  1. The Fort Vancouver Regional Library is an excellent resource for learning, research, and education. You can order books, DVD’s and videos online. FVRL is open for curbside pickup now too! Reading is so powerful and is good for our brains. This may be an excellent time to study up on subjects you have always wanted to learn about but just didn’t have the time. Kids’ books are plentiful too. Tap into your child’s interests so they can grow their knowledge, imagination and develop an interest in reading.
  2. If you want free access to thousands of movies, check out Access Movies. FVRL only requires your library card number.
  3. For Spanish speaking families, check out this resource:
  4. If you need help finding a good book selection for you and your child, call the library and speak to a librarian. Ask for suggested reading for new mothers; let them know how old your child is, and if they have any specific interests. You can fill out a web form too.

For a fun TV series for young children, check out this website:

What’s new for you? What are you doing differently? Are you growing your own garden, taking on a new art project, using chalk paintings on sidewalks with your child? Are you giving your creativity room to breathe? Are you studying an online course to improve your skills? We want to hear from you!