No matter what they say, it’s my choice

Seventeen years ago I walked into a Birthright Center with my 10 month old son on my hip and asked the kind older lady at the desk if they did free pregnancy test. I was embarrassed and was prepared for the judgmental attitude I thought I would receive from her. However what I got was a kind caring woman willing to help. She offered me a beverage and asked me a few questions. When I was finished taking the test we both watched as the two lines began to form. I was crying and felt lost, embarrassed and ashamed. She comforted me and told me that she would help me. I told her abortion was not an option. She gave me resources and let me know that I did have other options.

A week later I came to Birthright to see her again. I was getting a lot of pressure from colleges and friends suggesting abortion and I was seriously considering it. I even made a appointment. However, I wanted to talk with the lady at Birthright again and get her advice. I had no idea that Birthright was pro-life, by the way, when I asked for her opinion. She never used graphic details about abortion, she didn’t talk to me like I was a child, she made me realize that no matter what others think or say, it was my choice and my baby and that she was there to help me and my baby. That was the first time someone referred to him as a baby.  I decided then I would have my baby. I didn’t know yet if I wanted to adopt him out or not but I knew I would carry him to term and do everything I could to have a healthy baby.

I considered adoption and even had a couple in mind. However at 5 months I had decided I was going to keep him. Birthright helped me and supported my decision. They even gave me a little layette and blanket. The blanket I have to this day. My son is now 17 and I couldn’t imagine a life without him.

I’m forever grateful for the compassion and support I received from Birthright!

– Anonymous