Practical tips and brave new steps to entering the workforce

Being a mom is awesome and with the right job, you can create financial independence for you and your child.

In this article: Working as a single Mom, where do I begin?, we discussed the emotional impacts of motherhood and working, as well as practical tips to become prepared for work. In this article we address some simple steps to increase your likelihood of finding the right job, and helping you identify what type of job is right for you. You will also find top resources to move your ideas into action so you can be most effective and not waste time.

Here are a few questions to ponder and some ideas about positions that are a natural extension of you. Start putting your ideas on paper before you meet with a career counselor, so you have some general direction or focus.

You may not have any idea at all about what you will be good at, or, what is a natural fit for you. The questions below will get the mental juices flowing and also align positions with personality style. Sometimes our friends and family know us better than we know ourselves. If you are at a loss, ask your friends or family about what they see you doing? If they repeat similar ideas, you may want to consider them.

Are you outgoing?

  • Sales is a great way to control your schedule and income, and meet people.
  • What would you be proud to sell?
  • What are you passionate about? Technology, clothes, food, business services? Options abound!
  • Management growth potential is A+

Are you more reserved and like working alone?

  • You may like a job focused on projects vs. people\
  • Do you like to work on your feet?
  • Retail stores are generally a good place to start and easy to get

Do you like to be on the move and enjoy engaging your muscles?

  • Postal carrier – government positions offer great benefits and pay
  • Janitorial work – works night shifts, generally with one or two people
  • Warehouse work – team environment and entry level positions
  • Delivery driver – pays well, fast paced

Do you love to work with your hands or mind?

  • Do you like crafts? Craft, fabric and Art stores could be fun
  • Do you like numbers?
  • Bookkeeping jobs pay decent wages and are in high demand

Do you like to take charge and people feel you are “bossy”?

  • Management trainee may be a good place for you start. Restaurant, employment agencies, insurance agencies, retail and grocery stores and banks are common industries for advancement.

Do you prefer to let someone else lead and follow?

  • Administrative assistant jobs are plentiful and a great way to handle a lot of details working under a leader. This can lead to growth opportunities and you will organically learn how a business runs. Multi-tasking is a must, and a plus. It’s hard to get bored in this type of role.

Do you like helping people?

  • Customer support is a large field that offers bonuses and advancement opportunities
  • Nursing homes and care facilities may have entry level positions and training programs

Whatever you pursue, following your natural abilities will reduce your risk in the workplace because your work will feel like a natural extension of you.

Gigs and non-traditional income

If items on the list above don’t feel like a fit for you, you may want to consider non-traditional income earning ideas too. Though some of these jobs fall inside the traditional work day, many have odd hours. Consider all of these options and your child care situation when you are planning for work.

Being a ride-share driver gives you flexible hours, if you have your own vehicle.
Delivery services like GrubHub, Amazon and others are growing in popularity and pay decent. Wear and tear on your vehicle is a consideration
Freelance writers, on-demand creatives, and dog walkers are popular new “gigs”.

Career Counseling, Job Listings & Training

Each state has an employment office with services to assist you with training and education. Job counselors can help you find a good fit based on your natural skills and abilities. A guidance counselor at the state agency can help you find the right fit in your area of job interest. Check out these sites, set up an account, and meet with a counselor in person. You can even get bus passes to work if you can’t afford transportation. or https://www.worksourceoregon . They offer word processing skills, technology & special training for specific industries like manufacturing and construction. State agencies have assessment tools too, like personality testing and aptitude tests, which are useful to finding a fit with your current skills or knowledge. They also may uncover hidden talents!

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