Working during pregnancy

So many women have to work right up until they give birth while others may only have to work a small portion of their pregnancy. Wherever you fit into in this range, if you are a working momma-to-be, you know how daunting it can seem. We constantly get asked questions like Can I work throughout my pregnancy?, How do I manage morning sickness at work?, What pregnancy complications might mean I have to stop working?, and SO MANY MORE! We have put together this article for you to hopefully help you through that tricky prenatal jungle gym of making a living.

Most women who work through their pregnancy don’t have a choice. To them, it’s a necessity of life. While complications can arise in a pregnancy, most women are able to work up until their maternity leave. The best piece of advice to remember through all of this is consult your doctor with any questions or concerns you have. Each pregnancy is different and everyone reacts to different situations individually.

Can I work throughout my pregnancy?

As long as you are healthy, and your job does not expose you to harmful chemicals or dangerous situations you can probably work all the up until the day you give birth and/or choose to take maternity leave. You may notice yourself tiring more easily or a little more irritability but as long as your doctor clears you for work, full steam ahead!

How do I manage morning sickness at work?

Morning sickness is a very real, and very annoying part of the beginning of your pregnancy. Morning sickness can come in many forms. Vomiting, nausea, digestive issues and everything in between. While at work, it can be difficult to cope with especially if you are running to the bathroom every five minutes. Make sure to eat something as soon as you wake up. If you let your stomach to stay empty it will become more sick quicker. Keep snacks on you in your purse, desk or even pockets! Saltines, potato chips, and dry cereal are all good options for filling your belly and settling the stomach as well as ginger teas, candies, etc… Last but not least DRINK WATER! Small sips often help the body as a whole to feel energized and helps your stomach to stay happy.

What are my options if I can’t work because of a pregnancy complication?

“If a prenatal complication prevents you from being able to work as you did before you were pregnant, you may be considered temporarily disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If your company is a “covered employer” (has at least 15 employees), your boss may be obligated to make accommodations such as temporarily assigning you less physical work or allowing you to work from home.

If you can’t work at all, you may be entitled to paid or unpaid time off, depending on what your employer offers other workers with temporary disabilities. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) states that covered employers must treat pregnant workers who are unable to do their job the same as any other worker with a temporary disability. That includes providing the same disability leave or leave without pay.”

How do I manage my appointments and work?

This can be very stressful for working moms especially if your boss is unsupportive or your doctor’s office is not near your work. Schedule your appointments wisely. Try to schedule appointments for your lunch break if your doctor is close by or plan your appointments early in the morning or the last of the day. Most clinics close by 5 while some may stay open until 5:30. By getting that first or last slot of the day your boss may be more willing to let you come in a few minutes late or leave a few minutes early. If you are feeling anxious about wait time, bring along some busy work or a small project you can do while waiting so you don’t stress about missing too much work time.

While these are only a small number of the questions you probably have, we hope we have covered the basics and given you peace of mind in your work/pregnancy journey.