Another baby? Just what she needed

A young lady, late into her pregnancy, came into Birthright. She seemed agitated and a bit fearful. After visiting with her, she shared that this was a surprise third pregnancy. My friend, the other volunteer on the shift, and I tried to help her relax and asked her to sit and visit with us. We assured her that everything was free and she could easily be prepared to bring a new baby home with all the items we had available.

If only she had a few certain items, she told us, then she thought she would be more prepared to care for her unexpected baby. When she told us the items she needed, I looked at my friend and smiled. When we came in that morning, a donor had just arrived with the very items this woman needed!

When we told her, she started to cry. We also had tears in our eyes as it was very clear to us that someone upstairs had designed this…..and that “someone” knew just what she needed.