Doing the right thing

When a woman comes to Birthright, she wants to do the right thing. It is devastating to know that many are told the right thing to do is to abort an unborn life, and by doing so giving up on herself and her baby.  By coming to us, she is hoping to be thrown a lifesaver as the tide of an otherwise indifferent culture pulls her to the sea. For those women, we are working diligently to reach out to them.

Those facing unplanned pregnancies are from various economic and educational backgrounds, but statistics tell us that 18-24 year old women have both the highest pregnancy rate and highest rate of abortions.  We have begun to survey non-crisis clients and interview youth groups who share opinions about advertising and media.  With the results of this research, we hope to gain a unique insight into our targeted demographic so we improve the effectiveness of our limited advertising resources.  Children know to dial ‘911’ when there is a fire.  Young women need to know they can turn to Birthright, even before they need us.

Your financial support helps maintain our house, train volunteers, and through advertising — invite more clients.