Making the difficult decision

With tears in her eyes, a nineteen year old woman and her boyfriend visited Birthright. Already a mother of a two year old and very poor financially, she was distressed about her pregnancy.  Our volunteer invited her to sit down and talk. She nervously talked about her plan to place her baby with her sister as the adoptive parent.  The volunteer’s calmness comforted her and they wrote a list of her needs and available resources.  She was reassured that she was doing her best for her unborn baby, was accepted and welcome at Birthright.  What seemed overwhelming had not turned easy, but now she felt stronger and could see that it would be manageable.  Our volunteer thanked her for coming and she left smiling and hopeful.
Making the decision to carry an unplanned child to term and place with an adopted family is incredibly difficult.  We pray that more mothers of the unborn realize that support and acceptance  to carry their babies exists at Birthright. In the case of the guest mentioned, We are so grateful that our volunteer was there for her that day.
Thank you so much for being a part of that support.  Your contributions provide our homey house that is open five afternoons a week.