Living through the challenges

A college student came in for a pregnancy test. She said her boyfriend didn’t come with her because he was out of town. When the result was positive, she began to shake and cry. A staff member held her in her arms until she became calm. She lived with her mother and step-father and was afraid to tell them. We talked a while about this issue and we assured her Birthright would be there for her if housing or other services became necessary. We suggested she make a appointment with a physician immediately, and we asked for her number so we could call to follow up. The following week we phoned to see how things were going. She said her parents had been shocked, but very supportive, and she told me her mother had wanted to attend her first doctor’s  appointment. She had been able to schedule an appointment immediately, and she and her mother had been overjoyed during the ultrasound to hear the heartbeat of her baby for the very first time.

When we called a second time, she sounded excited to hear from us. She wanted to come by and show us her ultrasound picture.  We made a date and she came in.  It was great to see her, and she hugged and thanked us again. Unfortunately, when her employer learned of her pregnancy, she lost her job.  We referred her to Maternity Support Services for additional guidance and help, and we continued to follow up with her throughout the pregnancy.  Through all of these challenges, we know she will be an excellent mother.