A personal connection at Birthright

Recently, a young lady came in to our local Birthright. She was in her twenties and came for pregnancy testing. As she connected with our volunteer, she opened up and shared her life story. She was the first of her family to graduate from high school.  She had moved here from a far off state and was working.  At her job, she met a fellow employee and they have been in a relationship for the past two years. He was promoted to better position and she decided it was best that she quit her job, so there would not be any conflict. She would find new work.

She came into Birthright, because she had missed her menstrual period, found us on the internet, and needed pregnancy testing.  She told the volunteer that her partner told her to “get rid of it.” if she was pregnant. She was devastated. She wondered how this man that she loved could be so callous.  She felt that this child was from their love.  How could she destroy a child? She let the volunteer hug her. She cried and cried some more.  Her test result was negative.  She cried more.  The two sat together as she processed her thoughts and emotions. She asked, “What am I doing with this man?”

Personal connections at Birthright are often life changing. Simply being present for this guest, listening to her story, her thoughts, her concerns gave her a safe haven to listen to herself. Although under stress, her heart was ready to love her child. Having an anonymous, non-judgmental, positive listener, gave her permission to speak freely.  The gift of a calm, loving space to contemplate her life with her current partner or a new future, allowed her the time and atmosphere without external influence. The volunteer’s compassion and care gave her love and worth at her time of need.

Thank you so much for your support of Birthright and our mission of loving both, mother and child!