Our client stories

Clients come to talk about life plans and all options regarding their unplanned pregnancies. Women who have chosen life come to discuss resources: maternity clothes, books and other items to prepare for baby. Many even return with their young babes to receive material help with clothing, etc. No matter what her stated need, she will be cared for through compassionate and sincere one-on-one interactions. A few months ago, while talking with a young mom choosing clothes, We learned of her incredibly difficult story of a neglected and sexually abused childhood.

Now, as a parent herself, she is doing her best for her child and working through a realistic education and employment plan. If that weren’t enough to applaud, she is now becoming legal guardian to her step-sister. We asked her where she finds her strength. She said that she volunteers at a homeless shelter often and understands, despite her disadvantages, how she is truly blessed. An expectant mother came to us mainly to talk. Her husband had been killed in military action and their child would be born soon. She came back some months later to thank Birthright for her one afternoon visit, which helped carry her through this terribly difficult time. After church one day, one of our members were asked if they were part of Birthright as someone there may need help. A young mother with her infant child approached them.  She said that she was taking a train in 30 minutes to move away from a troubled domestic life. She had nothing with her. There was no time to ask questions. The Birthright member quickly drove to Birthright, grabbed bags and tossed in diapers, sleepers, onesies, socks, bibs, blankets, a few clean tops for mom and business cards. She made it back in fifteen minutes but had no baby wipes, so she gave the mother what was in her personal handbag. The member handed her Birthright business cards and said, “Call the toll free hotline when you get to your destination.  They will connect you with a local Birthright, help you find resources and plan for your future.” The young mother said, “God bless you.”  She replied, “If you are leaving something bad, you are really caring for your child.  Tell me your name so we can pray for you.” The mother answered with her name and off she went.

God bless you for providing for the women mentioned above as well as the many others who have yet to walk through our doors.