Goal setting

Self Esteem – Part 3 of 5

In the first two articles about self-esteem and self-worth, we covered a lot of territory on the journey to self-love and acceptance. Self-esteem is defined as a noun – a person, place or thing. While it could be considered a “thing” It could also be considered a place, such an

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Help with Self Esteem, Part 2 of 5

Understanding your Uniqueness Self-esteem is a complex issue. It’s a result of our early childhood experiences, the choices we make as we grow ourselves into adults, the effects of letting others choose for us if we don’t make choices, and how those choices shape our lives. In Help with Self-Esteem

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Anxiety and its cry for attention

Anxiety is like a giant, hungry baby, crying for attention. It can be loud, hard to ignore, and evokes strong feelings and emotions that can overwhelm. It can cause your internal temperature to spike instantly turning your face red like an apple. It can raise your heart rate in a

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